3 Extra Authors: Mark James, Ant Ravenwood & Connor Cadellin McKee

Mark James, Ant Ravenwood & Connor Cadellin McKee
Mark James, Ant Ravenwood & Connor Cadellin McKee

As if the 8 new book launches weren’t enough to fill your boots with on Saturday 14th February, you’ll also have the chance to meet 3 more of Magic Oxygen’s established authors at The Hub between 11am and 2pm.

Namely the award winning playwright, Mark James, children’s storyteller and incredible musician Ant Ravenwood and sci-fi author Connor Cadellin McKee.

Last year, Connor released his roller-coaster of a read, the dystopian sci-fi adventure Children of the Crater. He’s also a very talented graphic artist and designed the cover too.

He’ll be delighted to chat to you about this fascinating genre and will be happy to answer any questions you have about how to get started writing your own.

Here’s a bit more about his book:

Children of the Crater by Connor Cadellin McKeeHumanity has become lazy and complacent with their position at the top of the food chain. They are used to ruling the world but when a gene-altering asteroid strike triggers the next stage of human evolution, all that is thrown into doubt. All over the world, people have changed. They’ve become the Vanir, immensely powerful beings with little morality. While few in number, some possess unbelievable powers and abilities.

Alex has been kicked around by an abusive stepmother his entire life but fate has far greater things planned for him. As his mind lowers itself to the swirling maelstrom of brutality the world has descended to, he migrates towards an unenviable choice; human or Vanir, morality or power? The entire human world is against him in his struggle and he must flee for his life if he is to survive long enough to realise who he is and what he can do. The forthcoming war will decide upon life or death for millions and the mighty Fenrir will change everything.

Horrific crimes have been committed on both sides, there is no clearly defined good or evil any more. Both sides have their weapons, some are more humane than others and both are hell-bent on the annihilation of the other as only one species can rule the war-torn world.

The Vanir are rising and humanity is not content to sit by and watch their empire collapse at the hands of these new beings. If you enter this dystopian world of brutality, strength and dark vengeance the world will never be the same again.

Ant Ravenwood recently performed a concept album style concert of songs telling the tale of his brilliant children’s book, The Breathing Wheel – oh my, what a gig it was! Not only did it sell out, there was standing room only at the back.

Here’s a little more about the story:

The Breathing Wheel by Anthony RavenwoodWicked old Gronwolfe is a twisted old soul with nothing more than vengeful havoc on his mind. Thankfully, this vibrant first work of fantasy fiction by author, Anthony Ravenwood, breathes life into Jacob Gwytherin and Martha Isaf of Aden-Long Mill, childhood sweethearts and the hopeful heroes of the piece. Don’t be fooled by the description of it being set in a sleepy Welsh valley.

Deep in those beautiful mountains you’ll find spectacular dryads and gryphons and sinister spirits and hags. Follow a fast-paced quest with a cast of mystical characters who find themselves embroiled in an evil curse destined to destroy the village and kill everyone in its wake. With time ticking and the pressure on, only a miracle could restore peace and return the stolen souls. Will love be enough to fuel the quest?

You can now immerse yourself fully in the author’s vision of the legend by reading the book and listening to the soundtrack. An esoteric body of music written and performed by the author; you’ll almost feel the characters breathing through the notes themselves. CDs and books will be available or visit BreathingWheel.co.uk for more details.

Mark James works with a completely different type of pen. He’s an actor and very talented playwright and recently wrote Dear Mother as a tribute to those fallen during WW1.

Copies of the play script of Dear Mother will be available at the event. It has a very simple set making it perfect for local dramatic associations to put on. It’s also an excellent teaching resource and contains some truly breathtaking monologues.

Here’s a bit more about it:

Dear Mother by Mark JamesThomas James Brook is an ordinary boy at the turn of the 20th Century. His innocence of youth is shown in the letters that he sends his Mother, during a holiday with extended family in Weymouth. They reveal how a chance meeting, the sight of a mysterious man and how games he plays, form his perceptions of the future.

Fast forward seven years and Thomas finds himself on the dock of Le Havre preparing for his journey to the front line of the Great War in 1915. Continuing to write to his beloved Mother, he tries to console her with his reasons for joining up early and shares his expectation and optimism for the future months, along with some of the sights and sounds that he encounters along the way.

After a long, harsh struggle, dug down for many months in the trenches of the Somme, frustration shows, the pain of loss is clear and Thomas’ innocence dissipates. The endless rows of muddy gullies, the constant fear of attack, the reckless attitude of the commanding forces and the loss of a childhood friend, leave a broken Thomas just wanting to be back home.

Dear Mother has been well researched and uses many first-hand accounts and experiences. It is performed on a simple stage with minimum set design over one act. The impact of the story is portrayed through the characters, requiring them to show a huge range of emotions from joy and playfulness, to heartbreak and pure fear. It offers actors a real challenge but one that will impact the audience greatly.

Mark will also be performing snippets from Dear Mother on the stage of The Hub at around 1.30pm – don’t miss it!

Click here for further details of this jam-packed event!

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